Web3 & Crypto

We believe that blockchain technology forms the foundation for one of the most significant waves of innovation since the advent of the internet.

In the first decade following the invention of blockchain technology, headlines were dominated by speculation with cryptocurrencies, fraud, hacks, and technical shortcomings. However, we are now entering a second phase where blockchain-based applications are delivering greater benefits, becoming more user-friendly and secure, and paving the way for mass market adoption.


We founded w3.fund to systematically explore and engage with the Web3 space. The term Web3, rooted in blockchain technology, describes an internet where collaboration, participation, ownership, and co-determination are being redefined.

w3.fund is a content and community-focused Web3 venture capital fund that invests in early-stage Web3 startups and liquid token strategies.

We also operate a media arm that includes a podcast, a weekly newsletter, and social media platforms to keep the community informed about the dynamic world of Web3.

Since 2023, we have been operating w3.hub, a community and co-working space for the Web3 scene, providing a collaborative and innovative hub for co-creating the digital future.