I see it as my mission to create spaces in which ambitious people can come together and new things can emerge and grow.

André Kanya
Founder, Kanya Capital Managent GmbH


André Kanya

At the age of 16, André Kanya founded his first online company in Cologne. The TECH.DE portal offered services relating to SMS and messaging and under the TECHSERVER.DE brand web space was offered on its own servers.

Later, the technology expert, who studied in Cologne and London, wrote his thesis at the Deutsche Telekom Group’s management consultancy in Bonn and built up tech start-ups in Munich for Holtzbrinck Ventures, among others.

Based in Berlin, André Kanya has been actively involved in investments with a focus on technology, real estate projects and investments of various kinds since 2011.

His interest in technology and the inspiration by the variety of innovations in the crypto sector led him to focus on building an ecosystem around blockchain and Web3 in 2021, with the venture capital fund at its core.

André Kanya sees himself as a techno-optimist and is a passionate advocate of a progress-affirming social attitude.

In addition to his business activities, André Kanya promotes contemporary art and hosts various event series.