Sphaira Medical is getting reinforcements.

New to the team is an expert from the medical device sector and an outstanding doctor.

Dr. Golo von Basum joins the Sphaira Medical team as Chief Product Officer. Dr. von Basum, who holds a doctorate in physics, has 16 years of experience at Philips, most recently as head of the Philips Innovation Center in Eindhoven with 370 researchers. With his many years of experience and his excellent network in the medtech community, Golo Sphaira will help to make MOBY ready for the market.

Dr. Judith Brand has also been on board as Chief Medical Officer since April. Dr. Brand’s areas of expertise are pneumology, infectiology and immunology. She will be in charge of the scientific aspects of the trial phase of MOBY and will be available as a contact person for clinics and interest groups.